Software Risks Health Safety at Work: Risk Evaluation

Risk Evaluation

Management of the hazards, hazardous products, protections divided in IPE CPE and procedures and rules. Analysis of hazards per tasks. Saving corrective actions. Assessment of the risks for each HEG. Application of the usual risks score determination. Provision of the required legal documents.

Software Risks Health Safety at Work: Metrology


Management of fixed point of measure, ambulatory and fixed measurement campaigns, provisionnal measurement of those campaigns, measurement devices, for all kind of measurements (chemical products concentration, vibrations, noise…). Complete statistical analysis of measurements by computing (for exemple) the probabilities to exceed the legal limits.

Software Risks Health Safety at Work: Workers informations

Informations relative to workers

Management of the workers’ informations (interfacing with HR systems). Management of Health and Security of the workers. Automatic generation of all required legal and internal documents. Link with Occupational Medicine informatie. Individual datas concerning measurements of exposition to hazards.

Software Risks Health Safety at Work: System Management

System Management

Decentralized management of datas in the operational sites (access control, online documentation, information exchange with other softwares). Customisable and exportable to other office automation tools statistical documents. Centralised management of shared data. Long term archiving of all required legal informations.