Software Risks Health Safety at Work: System Management


COSY.HS is managed by the functional managers (health and safety managers in the operational sites) who manage data they are in charge in own databases. They also manage specific and secure user accesses for their site and have powerful functionalities enabling exchange of information with other systems (data transfers…). They have a wide range of statistical documents that can be parameterised and exported in the office tools.

A central manager maintains, for the benefit of all users, common data including texts and labels in all languages of the client sites (dictionary of texts and labels).

Archiving of all legally required information is ensured for the long term (25 years or more).

Fimor SA, in its COSY.HS publisher capacity, aligns this software, as part of its curative maintenance, with all new European and national regulations, in agreement with its customers. At client’s request, Fimor also provides evolutionary maintenance of the system and if desired, ongoing technical management.